Our Trainers

Each trainer who is part of the Atlas team is versed in different styles of training which allow us the ability to create a program to best suite your needs. If you are looking for sports conditioning, fitness classes, boxing, or just traditional strength training, our amazing trainers will be able to help. The trainers work together to create individualized programs for each client and to find fun, inventive, and effective ways to keep personal training exciting. It’s not just a one hour session…it’s a one hour experience that will keep you motivated and wanting to come back. We’re ready for you to join us!

Mike Turkin

Owner/Head Trainer


  • ISSA Personal Training
  • ISSA Nutrition
  • ISSA Youth Sports Conditioning


  • 25 Years of Personal Training
  • Over 10 Years of Gymnastics (Coach/Competitor)
  • Over 10 years of Bodybuilding (Coach/Competitor)

In 2005, Mike opened Atlas with the vision of providing one-on-one personal training in a fun, focused environment. From a small basement studio in Parkville to Atlas’ new home in Kingsville, Mike has created a judgement-free and welcoming training environment.

As life-long athlete, Mike has a true passion for fitness which shows in his dedication to his personal fitness journey as well as in his dedication to helping others not only reach, but surpass their personal goals. Mike was a gymnastics competitor for almost 10 years and a coach for five. Mike has participated in numerous bodybuilding shows and brought home his fair share of wins.




  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • dotFIT Certified Practitioner


  • 2 Years of Personal Training

Ana was first introduced to fitness by her mom at the age of 15. She loved the way fitness improved her mental health, sleep quality, and digestion. Not to mention how much energy she gained through exercise. Ana found her love for strength training in high school where she began lifting weights to stay fit for volleyball.  Ana’s love for fitness continued with her and after college she began to pursue a career in the field.

Ana joined the Atlas Personal Training team in 2021 where she has been able to help our clients reach their unique fitness goals. She enjoys the opportunity to encourage women to find the joy in getting stronger through exercise. Ana has experienced firsthand the confidence that comes from strength training and strives to help her clients make the physical and mental transformations that come with consistent exercise which opens the door for each client to gain a strong sense of self-worth and confidence.

When not training clients, she enjoys painting, Netflix, playing volleyball, and being outside in nature.


Fitness Class Instructor
Personal Trainer


  • AAAI/ISMA in Personal Fitness
  • Zumba
  • Nutrition & Wellness


  • Extensive and diverse background in dance, Zumba, nutrition and wellness, and personal training for over 15 years.

Tresa enjoys assisting others in their journey toward a sense of personal self-confidence through movement, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle. Having a dance background allows her passion to radiate onto others to contribute to reaching their goals. She graduating from Towson University with a BS in Administration & Management and currently works for a private accounting firm in Kingsville.


Personal Trainer


  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
  • (ISSA Nutritionist – Certificate in Progress)


  • Junior Personal Trainer with Atlas (2022-present)
  • Atlas Client Since 2021

Denise came to Atlas in August of 2021 to participate in our weekly Fit4Life class taught by Tresa. Denise has known Tresa for over a decade and felt comfortable working with someone she knew to help her begin her fitness journey. Just a short time later, Denise started training 1-2 days per week with Tresa and Mike.  A few weeks later she was attending 3 personal training sessions per week as well as attending the Fit4Life class on Saturdays. Denise began shadowing Mike towards the end of February 2022 and has found a passion for building relationships with clients while encouraging them to reach their full potential both inside and outside of the studio.


Personal Trainer
(Focus: Sports Conditioning)


  • Sophomore at Towson University
    • Major: Sports Management
    • Minor: Business Admin. and Finance
  • (Certified Personal Trainer Certificate in Progress)


  • Junior Personal Trainer with Atlas (2019-2020; 2022-present)
  • Atlas Client – 3 years (2016-2019)

Aaron began his fitness journey in high school when he started running track. Soon Aaron and his friends began training together where they worked as a team to create new exercises and to keep each other motivated. The enjoyment he felt from those experiences influenced Aaron to want to help others find the workout regime that provided them the opportunity to feel that same joy.

Atlas is helping Aaron continue his love of fitness by offering him the chance to explore some of the many different fitness training options. He is working with Mike (the owner and head coach) to become Atlas’s youth sports conditioning program’s lead trainer. His ability to connect with our youth sports clients while keeping conditioning sessions focused, challenging, and fun is a testament to his talent as a trainer and the joy he finds helping others achieve their goals.

Soon, Aaron will also start co-teaching our weekly boxing class – 3Rounds.



  • BARRE Instructor