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Mike Turkin

Owner/Head Trainer
Certifications: ISSA Personal Training, ISSA Nutrition and Youth Sports Conditioning

Experience: 16 years of personal training, Gymnastics coach and competetor, Bodybuilder

In 2005, Mike opened Atlas with the vision of providing one on one personal training in a fun, focused environment. Now, the studio has expanded, allowing Mike and his staff to expand their repertoire as trainers. Mike has a background in Gymnastics both as a competitor and coach and has also competed as a bodybuilder for the last decade. This diverse background allows him to effectively work with individuals of all skill levels, helping them to reach their goals. His passion for personal training is driven by this ability to coach clients towards their goals.


Bryan Trussell


Certifications: ASFA Certified Trainer, A.A. Criminal Justice

Experience: Training privately for 11 years

Bryan has been in the gym for close to a decade, perfecting and polishing his craft. Along the way, he has studied weightlifting, nutrition, and has a deep understanding of all-around health and fitness. Now, Bryan is in the best shape of his life and wants to share his knowledge and experiences with his clients. Outside of the gym, he enjoys making music and playing with his two dogs, Brayden and Bryson.


Matt Newton


Certifications: ASFA Certified, ACE Certified

Experience: Personal weight loss of 60 lbs

Matt is a personal trainer and student working at Atlas, currently pursuing his degree to become a registered dietician. His desire to help clients stems from his own fitness and weight loss journey, which gives him a unique perspective as a personal trainer. This experience with dieting and exercise to produce weight loss is something that he hopes to share with the individuals around him. He produces a fun environment to work in, and you can get him talking about anything movies, tv, and football.


Vince Maranto

Certifications: ASFA Certified

Experience: 1 year with Atlas, 4-year high school varsity wrestler, GLRRC Wrestling Coach

Vince can be described as outgoing and hard-working. Acting as a personal trainer and coach for young athletes, he is also working towards his degree in kinesiology. Vince has a background as a high school athlete successful at both the county and regional levels. Vince loves training because he can push people past their perceived barriers and help them achieve more than they believed they could. At home, he enjoys spending time with his cats and playing video games with his friends.


Bridget Gonzalez


Certifications: B.S. Exercise Science

Experience: Varsity track & field

Bridget embodies what it means to have a passion for fitness. She brings enthusiasm and an unmatched work ethic to Atlas. Being a former college track athlete, Bridget knows the rigors of college athletics and brings that experience and knowledge with her. Her communication is one of her most outstanding qualities as she helps her clients understand every exercise completed. Outside of the studio, Bridget still enjoys running as well as spending time watching a good movie.


Tresa Petrecca


Certifications: AAAI in Personal Fitness, Zumba, and Nutrition & Wellness

Experience: Background in dance

Tresa enjoys assisting others in their journey toward a sense of personal self-confidence through movement, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle. Having a dance background allows her passion to radiate onto others to contribute to reaching their goals. She graduating from Towson University with a BS in Administration & Management and currently works for a private accounting firm in Kingsville.