mike and angel


Posing is an integral part of competing on stage. In many competitions, posing is the deciding factor for judges and proper posing will elevate any physique to the next level. Our coaches are well versed in the posing requirements for all organizations including NPC, OCB, and USBF. We offer custom, choreographed routines that fit your personality and style and we strive to find the best poses for each competitor, that detail and accent your physique so you look for your very best.


Experts and seasoned competitors agree that diet leading up to a competition is crucial to a successful show. We offer nutrition programs that are competition-based and fit for each individual’s needs. These programs vary depending on packages but always lead the competitor to the stage. They incorporate phases that allow a competitor to bulk if there is enough time, shred fat to lean out, and finally the competition prep phase that polishes off your physique.


Without a proper plan in place, competition prep is on a path to failure. It is key to have a plan in place for what you will eat, what your workouts will look like, and when you should start to make changes. With Atlas, you need not worry as all of this is taken care of for you. Our coaches will meet with you on a week-to-week, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule depending on your package.