At Atlas Personal Trainers, we provide custom fitness programs tailored to meet your individual needs. You will receive one-on-one attention from your certified personal trainer in the privacy of our fully-equipped studio.

Package# of Sessions (1 Hour)Rate per SessionTotal Cost
Test Drive$65Pay As You Go
Silver15 Sessions$60$900
Gold24 Sessions$55$1,320
Platinum30 Sessions$50$1,500

Pay-As-You-Go is available for hourly sessions at $75 per session.
Buddy Training is also available for one hour sessions. Pricing is hourly rate per session X 1.5.

Package# of Sessions (1/2 Hour)Rate Per SessionTotal Cost
Mini Basic10 sessions$46$460
Mini Silver15 Sessions$42$630
Mini Gold24 Sessions$39$936
Mini Platinum30 Sessions$35$1,050

All packages include Initial Consultation, Program Development, and Periodic Progress Assessment. Atlas’s Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages may also include Dietary Advice and follow-up. Atlas also offers a dietary package with our Nutritionist that includes a Diet Journal, Nutritional Guidance, Computerized Diet Program, and e-mail follow-ups.