Hello, Kingsville!

Welcome to the new & improved Atlas webpage! Mike and the team have been working hard to make your fitness experience the best it can possibly be whether you’re in the gym or outside of it. This blog is to help clients and those who wish to become clients find out about promotions, events, and employment opportunities as well as fitness and nutritional tips from our certified trainers.

What’s New at Atlas?

We as a team have been working tirelessly to move from Parkville to our new home in Kingsville. From moving equipment to finding studs in the wall to hang shelves, Mike and the staff are proud of how far we have come in just over a month.

Apart from the obvious move, we have created a new membership program, Atlas VIP. Atlas VIP is an exclusive opportunity to apply what you learn from personal training to your own individual workout. Members can come in seven days a week from 6 AM- 11 PM to workout individually outside of their normal personal training hours. For an extra $35/month you will have access to the facilities seven days a week to reach your personal fitness goals.

As of right now, all of our personal trainers are not only knowledgeable about physical fitness, but are certified in personal training as well. All of our trainers maintain and update their knowledge by attending workshops and doing independent research to better help you reach your goals. The trainers are well-versed in diet and nutritional help to help you outside of your workout as well as on the gym floor.

We are also looking forward to holding a fitness class, Fit-4-Life, every Saturday starting February 20th for 8 weeks. This class is designed to help you stay motivated with those around you in a group setting. The class is designed to give instruction following a COVID-19 safe environment to help you get into the healthy lifestyle you deserve.

With all this change and progress, the people we really have to thank are the clients who have stayed patient with us through the entire move. From us signing the papers to setting up equipment, to us cutting the red ribbon and opening up, we sincerely thank you for being there. We look forward to all the existing clients and all the new faces we see in Kingsville. Stop saying tomorrow!