Welcome to Atlas!


We give each of our clients individual attention and help address any wellness needs they may have. Overall fitness, weight loss, sport-specific training, and toning can be obtained with the help of Atlas’s trainers. These are real-life pictures, and real stories. Please enjoy reading what a few of our clients have to say about us:


See yourself differently

“Mike, I can’t thank you enough for the fabulous changes you have helped me make to my life. At 54 years of age, I am in the best physical shape of my life and I feel great. You have offered encouragement, knowledge and skill throughout this journey and I value the friendship that has developed. I only wish I had started paying attention to physical fitness sooner. I absolutely look forward to each work out and feel like I have more energy and less stress as a result of taking better care of my body. You have helped me achieve a level of fitness that I never thought possible and I now know that I can do even more. Thank you so much for helping me to see myself in a whole new light.”
– Bob


Preparation for the Big Day

“My husband and I started personal training sessions with Mike at Atlas Personal Training a few months before our wedding day. Knowing that our wedding day was not far away, Mike worked hard to transform our bodies to give us the look and confidence that we wanted for our big day. After just a few sessions with Mike, we both noticed a positive change in our bodies and our energy levels were much higher. Mike helped us each achieve our own individual fitness goals and customized our workouts for each session. While my husband focused on building size and definition, my goal was to tone and firm up specific areas. I wanted to look the best that I could in my wedding gown, and we both wanted to be in good shape for the beach on our honeymoon. We were amazed at how quickly we were able to see results and grateful to Mike for his knowledge, personal attention and expertise. We would recommend Mike and Atlas Personal Training to any couple that wants to look their best on their big day!”
– Tonya and Chris Franz


Friendly Environment

“Atlas is the perfect place to be if you are looking for a dedicated staff that is ready to get you on the right path of reaching your fitness goals. This experience has made it possible for me to improve my strength and work towards my weight loss goals. Mike stays focused on my goals and customizes my workout sessions to meet my fitness needs; while Robin continues to work with me on my nutrition. Mike continues to educate and motive me to keep on track with my personal training as well as motivating me to stay on top of my cardio workouts. Atlas provides me with a non-intimidating workout environment and customizes my fitness plan to help me get fit and feel better about myself. Seeing results is key and the team is truly committed to making this happen. I now look forward to going to the gym!”
– Michelle